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Why candidates should be applying to temp jobs

Temporary jobs are contracts in which employees are hired for a fixed period of time - from a few hours to a few months. Over half of Australian companies have employed the used of temporary or casual roles at some point and the prominence of these jobs are only on the rise. As a result, this influx of temp jobs has created unprecedented opportunity for job seekers to enter or re-enter the workforce. 

Here are a number of reasons you should take advantage of this opportunity and apply fro temp jobs. 

1. Work according to your own schedule

Being employed on a temporary basis means you might not have the security of long-term work but it gives you flexibility that you might not otherwise get in permanent, full-time employment. It encourages you to find a job that fits in with your lifestyle, family commitments and the hours you're looking yo work instead of the typical 9 to 5 constraints you might otherwise have. 

2. Temporary work isn't so temporary

According to recent data, the length of temp jobs has been increasing over time. The length of these employments are only becoming greater and many employers are choosing to take temporary staff on as permanent. Particularly with the recruitment agencies, businesses are able to bypass the initial hiring process and employ experienced candidates that they know will suit their roles and therefore makes it an easy transition into permanent contracts. 

3. Work on your network

Undertaking temporary jobs is an effective way to build your professional network. It allows you to get a foot in the door to nurture and grow relationships with co-workers and management alike during your placement. It provides you with access to quality industry references that can consolidate a future employment application and adds to your repertoire of professional contracts.

4. Financial gain

Of course, there is the obvious financial benefit of working a temp job. While they are helpful during poor times of income, there are studies that link increased work hours to more effective saving habits so they might even help you foster a healthier relationship with your wallet. So too, the experience of temporary jobs, even if it's not linear with your career path, can help break feelings of restlessness and hopelessness that accompany unemployment, leading to positive outcomes psychologically and as well as for your spending habits.

5. Gain new skills across different industries

Temporary work allows you the freedom to pursue your interests without long-term commitment. Even if it is not related to your professional history, temp jobs provide a plethora of opportunities to build on your current skills and develop new ones in a comfortable environment. They provide a space in which experience across a multitude of different industries can gained and new interests fostered, consequently resulting in more challenged and engaged employees. 

Unemployment is unpredictably fluctuating in Australia and as a consequence, temporary jobs should indisputably be taken advantage of and the career opportunities they provide. The flexibility of work schedule, opportunity for professional growth, skill developing and financial gain are considerably attractive reasons to apply for temporary work and as such, puts a both figurative and literal foot in the door for further opportunity and employment.   

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